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Ooh! Look What You Did!
By pressing the button we told you not to press, you have passed our brief exam for entrance into our Technical Ministry. No true tech ministry servant would be afraid to press a button--in fact, the desire to tinker "under the hood" is a great indicator that you can be involved in these important "behind the scenes" ministries.

Welcome to FUMC Tech!
Each week, six technical volunteers make our worship times happen, from sound, to lighting, to video and more. It's a very cool thing to step up to the control console--much like the cockpit of a Boeing 747--and confidently wield faders and computer mice to enhance and enable the presentation of worship and God's Word. It's not as scary as it may seem at first.

Now that you've pressed one button, perhaps you might be willing to take a turn behind the Newtek VT[5] Live! Switching System (installed in February 2006), which mixes our camera shots each Sunday and allows us to do non-linear editing, graphics, and animations. Or maybe you'd really like to get your fingernails dirty with the faders and sliders on one of our Audio Mixing Consoles (installed in February 2010, along with new speakers for the choir, sanctuary, and balcony areas), which control all the sound for our weekend services.

We Need You for Sound and Video!
Contact our Technical Team leaders below, or visit the other tech areas of our website for more information. Hey, it takes a lot of folks to make our tech team happen--and we really need additional folks in the rotation so our current volunteers don't have to work every Sunday. Some of the areas of service available are:

  • Production Director: is in control of the entire production and its team, responsible for all productions related equipment and its proper operation, setup of cameras, microphones, and projection equipment, entering in graphics into the video computer and its operation for use in the production. Pre-requisite for this position is that the Productions Director be able to effectively operate all other positions, proficient computer skills are preferred.
  • Video Production/Broadcast Sound Engineer: in control of the audio for the broadcast video production.
  • Front of House Sound Engineer: in control of the audio for the sanctuary, balcony, and narthex areas.
  • Computer Screen: in control of the media computer & screen used during the service.
  • Camera Operators: in control of one of the camera located in the balcony or on the sanctuary floor, this person should be able to effectively truck, pan up, down, left or right to achieve the desired shot as directed by the production director via intercom headset.

Go ahead, push a few more buttons, explore--and join a great team of folks as we work "behind the scenes" each week. To volunteer, contact the church office at (601) 656-1376.

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